Wear-resistant Backup Roll/Intermediate Roll/Work Roll

Materials and properties Mainly refer to the chemical composition, metallographic structure, hardness and strength of the roll.

We can provide not only the hot mill roll but also the cold mill roll.

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Wear-resistant Backup Roll/Intermediate Roll/Work RollForged Steel Roll for Cold Rolling Mills

No.  material Code Hardness(HSD) Application Tensile Strength(N/mm2)
1 forged steel  MC2 85/98 work roll/intermediate roll/backup roll 800/1100
2 forged steel MC3 85/98 work roll/intermediate roll/backup roll 800/1100
3 forged steel  MC5 90/100 work roll/intermediate roll 800/1100
4 forged steel  MC6 90/100 work roll/intermediate roll 800/1100
5 forged steel 86CrMo 75/90 backup roll 800/1100

1、 Product Details
The forged rolls are widely used on some tough stands of hot rolling mill, such as BD
stand and blooming stand to perform with excellent strength to avoid some rolling
accidents. Meanwhile, it is also a good choice to work on the cold rolling mill as
backup roll and work roll.The whole process form melting, casting, forging, heat treatment to final machining and packing is under control of TANGSHAN WEILANG quality system.

2、Machining Equipment

We have a series of advanced machining equipment that meet the production needs, including centrifugal machine, intermediate frequency induction furnace, heat treatment furnace, CNC external grinding machine, CNC grinding machine, vertical gantry milling machine, turning lathe, and sawing machine.

3、Quality Inspection

Before shipment, all the products will be inspected through ultrasonic test and metallographic test strictly to assure the quality.

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