The mold copper tube is a square or rectangular copper tube bent to one side, and the inner cavity of the copper tube is conical from the top to the bottom, which is characterized in that: the inner cavity of the copper tube is a double cone or three cone or multiple cone with taper segments from the top to the bottom, or a parabolic inner cavity shape, and the taper of the upper part or upper part is greater than that of the lower part or lower part.  

Mould copper tube is an accessory used for casting steel caster, which is caused by molten steel directly cast in mould copper tube.  Within the copper tube pulling billet continuous cooling molding, in order to solve the working process of the copper pipe and the cooling of the solidified shell alternately contact and separation, crystallizer copper tube is still bend to one side of a square or rectangular copper pipe, copper pipe inner cavity from top to bottom mouth for conical, brass inner cavity from top to bottom mouth for the double cone of taper section or three or more taper cone, or parabolic shape of inner chamber,  The taper of the upper segment or part is greater than that of the lower segment or part.  The taper of the face is greater than that of the arc.  Avoid working process blank shell and inner wall of copper tube…  

Hello, the application of copper tube of mould: the copper tube is placed in the central position of the CCM and its function is to solidify the molten steel poured through an immersion nozzle (SEN) to ensure that the required billet/body/slab has a sufficiently thick shell.  Copper pipe plays an important role in improving casting efficiency and steel quality.  Copper tube plays an important role in the development of continuous casting technology.  Their function is to receive molten steel and allow rapid heat transfer from molten steel to cooling water for rapid solidification.  Mould should have good thermal conductivity, thermal corrosion resistance, and thermal stress deformation resistance.  So far, only copper and a few copper alloys have met these criteria economically and technically.  Crystallizer copper tube features: 1. Good thermal conductivity; 2. Heat erosion;

Quotation: Copper

According to SMM, the spot market as a result of the overnight Shanghai copper rapid decline in the spot market rose discount initially appeared to stop falling clues, the transaction was better than the end of last week. Morning market smooth water copper monthly pass beginning in the premium for 200 yuan/tons, with a modest rebound in disk, the shipper of active lower quotation to premium 150-180 yuan/ton clinch a deal is still difficult to see, the second session before heard premium 100-120 yuan/tons of supplies into the market, both traders and downstream buying buying apparently recovered, trading activity, After the second period of time rose discount stopped the decline slightly warmer to 120-150 yuan/ton, the market basically held 100 yuan/ton integer mark. Good copper market still highlights the differentiation of the offer, ENM and Peru big board more sources of goods reported to 200-250 yuan/ton, high cost performance under the market transaction has improved, CCC-P and Guixi rare for expensive, the market only a few cargo holders reported in the early market at 700-800 yuan/ton after gradually returning to 500 yuan/ton or so. But the downstream hard to see a large number of buying, showing a price without the state of the city. Wet-process copper as a whole quoted at 10-60 yuan/ton premium, the holder is still quoted above the level of water to sell at a low price.

Post time: Jun-21-2023