At present, the core of hot-rolled bar technology is the greening and intelligent development around and upgrading the “three highs” (high output, high precision and high quality). The main direction of technological progress of hot-rolled bar is to move towards short processes, low emissions, reduction, intelligence, high performance, and the development of core equipment to support them.

After years of development and accumulation: at present, the low-cost manufacturing concept of bar, the process mechanism of high-quality products, and the efficient production scheme have been gradually formed and improved; the advanced bar rolling process such as direct rolling, non-porous rolling, headless rolling, DIFT, low-temperature rolling and controlled rolling, and cold control has been popularized and applied; high-rigidity high-precision rolling mill, intelligent high-speed shearing machine, closed-loop controlled cold, online finishing heat treatment, automatic diagnosis of equipment, intelligent warehousing, big data application and other modern technical equipment have gradually supported the bar production line.

Advanced rolling technology of ordinary bar:In recent years, a series of advanced technologies and operating modes have been introduced internationally around the field of ordinary hot-rolled bar production and efficiency increase. Including: headless rolling, continuous casting and continuous rolling, miniature steel mill, high-speed bar, heat-free direct rolling, low temperature rolling, high-stiffness prestressed rolling mill, frame quick change, intelligent operation services, etc. The following is an overview of several typical general bar advanced rolling technologies in foreign countries.HTB1v6IVcDfN8KJjSZFjq6xGvpXaJ_副本

Post time: Jun-25-2023